Tyson® Tastybird® All Natural* Ice Glazed Chicken Livers, 1 lb. (Frozen)

Create a line of delicious chicken entrees with Tyson® Tastybird® All Natural* Ice Glazed Chicken Livers. Our chicken livers are unmarinated to maintain its natural flavor. Ready to cook from frozen, our chicken is perfect for frying and offers quality you can trust. Simply bread, fry and serve with sliced carrots, celery and spicy Cajun sauce for a daring appetizer. Includes one 1 lb. package of uncooked Chicken Livers. At Tyson® Foods®, our legacy has been built by listening to our customer’s needs. We know that finding new opportunities at the center of the menu requires understanding what’s on the line. Across industries, in small towns and in big cities, we aspire to be a customer-first culture in everything we do. Our teams unite challenges with opportunities and help ignite new possibilities in our customer’s lives and their businesses. *Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients One 1 lb. package of uncooked Chicken Livers All natural, minimally processed chicken with no artificial ingredients 18 grams of protein and 0 grams of trans fat per serving No antibiotics ever No added hormones or steroids Perfect for grilling and roasting