Purina Friskies Made in USA Facilities, Natural Cat Treats; Party Mix Natural Yums Catnip Flavor - 30 oz. Canister

Capture your cat's attention with Purina Friskies Party Mix Natural Yums Natural Catnip Flavor With Added Vitamins & Minerals cat treats. With the flavor of catnip in every crunchy bite, these tasty tidbits arouse the senses and get cats excited for treat time. Our recipe uses natural ingredients such as real chicken, plus added vitamins and minerals for a yummy snack that can be part of your adult cat's balanced diet. We don't add any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to this recipe, so you can give your cat a truly scrumptious treat with an ingredient list you both feel good about. The bite-size bits come in playful shapes for your furry friend to paw and pounce on, while the texture adds a satisfying crunch to pique her curiosity and keep her entertained. Your cat is always by your side. Show her she's just as important to you as you are to her by offering a tasty, natural treat with real, delicious ingredients. Stimulate your cat's senses with Purina Friskies Party Mix Natural Yums Natural Catnip Flavor With Added Vitamins & Minerals cat treats. The natural flavor of catnip intrigues cats and captivates their curiosity, making for a singular experience at snack time. Our Natural Yums cat treats focus on real ingredients to deliver genuine taste, which is why we forgo artificial colors, flavors and preservatives in favor of natural ingredients, with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can complement her regular cat food as part of her balanced nutrition. The crunchy texture invites her to nibble happily while also helping to keep her teeth clean, making treat time a useful part of her daily dental routine. Offer your cat these tantalizing adult cat treats as a tempting snack you can serve alongside a complete and balanced adult cat food, such as our Purina Friskies Prime Filets wet cat food made with real chicken, meat or fish. Read the feeding guidelines on the package to determine the appropriate serving size for your cat, and reduce the portions you serve at mealtime on heavy treating days to help her maintain an ideal weight.Purina has always believed that pets and people are better together. For over 90 years, our company has pushed pet nutrition forward with rigorous quality standards, expert research and innovative recipes that enrich the lives of the pets we love. Our Friskies Party Mix Natural Yums cat treats are manufactured in U.S. facilities to deliver quality and safety in every batch. We can trace each one of our ingredients back to our trusted sources and know precisely what goes into every batch at our Purina-owned facilities. We also care about the future that people and pets share. That's why we strive to be responsible stewards of our earth's resources by setting ambitious goals and sharing our progress with you. Catnip flavor for a captivating taste Natural ingredients for a real, delicious treat Added vitamins and minerals No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives Crunchy texture cats love helps clean teeth Fun shapes encourage play Feed adult cats up to 2 treats for each 1 pound of body weight with a maximum of 10 treats daily