Feline Greenies® Smartbites™ Skin & Fur Health Salmon Flavor Cat Treats 2.1 oz. Pouch

Treat your cat to a delicious snack and essential health benefits with FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES Treats for Cats. Made with natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids, including fish oil and ground flaxseed, our dual-textured cat treats are prepared to give your cat soft, shiny fur and supple skin while promoting a healthy metabolism. Your cat will also love the salmon flavor of our healthy cat treats. So whether you're looking for your cat's next favorite treat or want to give them essential nutrition with visible benefits, FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES are a great-tasting complement to your cat's healthy diet. FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES Treats for Cats deliver essential nutrients for healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat. It all began with bad breath. Well, Ivan's bad breath. Like many dogs, his teeth were covered with plaque and tartar.The result was poor gum health, and Ivan's breath was more than his owners could stand. His owners worked with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and other experts to develop the first toothbrush-shaped GREENIES® Canine Dental Chews. Ivan's owners loved his new fresh breath so much they told their friends, who told more friends. And instantly, the teeth-cleaning treat was a success. Contains one (1) 2.1-oz. pack of FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES Healthy Skin and Fur Treats for Cats Salmon Flavor Designed by veterinarians to help promote soft, shiny fur and supple skin Made using naturally sourced omega-3 fatty acids, including fish oil and ground flaxseed Made with natural ingredients and premium proteins Your cat will love the salmon flavor and texture variety Made in the USA Skin & Coat Care